Tamoghna Sarkar

I'm a Ph. D. student @USC ECE, an Embedded IoT Researcher, an Ocassional HackMaster, an Indian Classical Violinist, a Photography lover

About Me


Hi all, I'm an incoming Direct Ph.D. student, ECE@University of Southern California, working in Autonomous Networks Research Lab with Dr. Bhaskar Krishnamachari . I love working on exciting problem statements involving Distributed Systems and Embedded IoT. Know more about my past research experience through my workπŸš€

Autonmous Networks, Edge & Mobile Computing


Embedded IoT(Healthcare, Wearables, Smart City, Agriculture)


Distributed Systems



Aug 2021 - Present

Ph. D., University of Southern California(ECE), Los Angeles, USA

Working as Graduate Research Assistant at Autonmous Networks Research Lab under the supervision of Dr. Krishnamachari .

Jan 2019 - May 2019

Visiting Scholar & Research Intern, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA

Worked on various Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation startups and worked as an IoT-ML intern at Citris Labs, Berkeley Engineering.

June 2016 - May 2020

B.Tech, SRM IST(EIE), Chennai, India

Ranked top 3%(First Class with Distinction) in the entire batch, CGPA:3.7/4, Dept. Rank~ 8/125.

Oct 2020 - Present

ML Engineer & Founding Member@Bharat Ventures, IIM~A, India

Nov 2020 - May 2021

Embedded IoT-Edge ML Researcher@Quasistatics Inc, Seattle, USA

Sept 2020 - May 2021

Research Assistant(IoT Networks, Fog Computing, Edge-ML)@Cognitive and AI Lab, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

May 2020 - Aug 2020

IoT & Distributed Computing Research@IIT~Kharagpur, India

Jan 2019 - May 2019

ML-IoT Research@Citris Lab, Berkeley, USA

Aug 2017 - May 2020

IoT Researcher@NextTech Lab, SRM IST, India

Recent works



What is it about?

Under the supervision of Dr. Sudip Misra CSE Dept., developed a distributed framework for enabling Transfer Learning in B5G Powered Industrial-IoT(first of its kind).

A demand based delivery mechanism was demonstrated for distributing models among fog nodes.

An Optimization algorithm using Integer-Linear-Programming was developed for minimization of Transmission timein B5G networks.

Bolt(UC Berkeley)


What is it about?

Developed an IoT sports wearable through Body Area Network, WSN with fog nodes in constrained environments.

Implemented AI on the edge, developed a novel algorithm to predict anomalies in regular athlete metrics.

Designed a storage based Resource Allocation algorithm, a Path Hopping Optimization algorithm for transmissionof files from cloud to end user via fog nodes, a Transmission Latency Optimization algorithm in 5G Network.

SafePaths:COVID~19(MIT Media Lab)


What is it about?

In association with Dr. Ramesh Raskar and MIT Media Lab, worked on a mobile application to locate containmentzones and predict the shortest path between an entered source and destination by the user.

SubScript(UC Berkeley)


What is it about?

Aims to help eradicate language barriers for English as foreign language speakers, AR glasses with real-time subtitles.

Developed a Neural Network model for Voice Recognition and real-time language translation.



What is it about?

The entire system was processed on a low power Raspberry Pi Zero edge computer.

Implemented pre-trained Mask R-CNN using COCO dataset with 94% accuracy.

Implemented Image Captioning, OCR in the model and designed a text-to-speech feedback mechanism after imageclassification through audio output(I2S) for the visually impaired to navigate.

CarL(Jadavpur University)


What is it about?

Worked under Dr. P. Venkateswaran on a ML framework involving cloud-fog architecture for handling high volumeIndustrial-IoT data from multiple industrial sensors.

Developed of Neural Networks, Markov Decision Processes on FPGAs, for establishing model randomness withprobabilistic distributions. Working on Convex Optimizations towards reduction in communication, prediction latency.

Refer to my CV for Research Manuscripts!!


UI/UX design

MS/PhD offer at IIT-KGP(2021)

Computer Science Department

UI/UX design

SF HACKS, San Francisco State University(2019)

Best Hardware Hack

UI/UX design

LA HACKS, University of California, Los Angeles(2019)

Hackathon Winner

UI/UX design

Berkeley Study Abroad Fellowship

UC Berkeley

UI/UX design

Research Intern@National University of Singapore

School of Computing

UI/UX design

Collider Cup Finalist, UC Berkeley

SCET, UC Berkeley

UI/UX design

Travel Scholarship

ETHDenver 2019

UI/UX design

Directors Scholarship, SRM IST

19,900USD for studying@UCB

UI/UX design

Erdaletz Scolarship

Phi Kappa Sigma Berkeley Associates



Dr. Sudip Misra

Professor@IIT Kharagpur(CSE), Cornell, Yale University

From Tamoghna's work under my supervision at IIT-Kharagpur, I can attest to his integrity and ambition towards research. The persistence and goal achieving nature of his will definitely be valuable to any group that he joins. I have every confidence in Tamoghna and give my highest recommendations. Good luck! πŸ”₯


Dr. Shreyas Sen

GeorgiaTech Alumnus, Elmore Associate Professor@Purdue University

Looking at Tamoghna's journey till today from his early school, undergraduate days I can clearly envision him as an upcoming prolific researcher in his field. His profile reflects hardwork, determination and the steps he climbed to reach where he is today. I can comment that with the kind of extra miles he puts into his research, Tamoghna has in him the potential to churn out the finest results.


Ken Singer

Professor@UC Berkeley, Director@Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Tamoghna was the youngest member in all his teams but was the top excelling student in his classes at UC Berkeley. I've seen him grow throughout the last 3 years. Be it in-depth research or practical application, Tamoghna is your guy! πŸ”₯


Dr. Angik Sarkar

Purdue University alumnus, CEO of numeorus Bay Area Startups

A perfect blend of Research, Application and Innovation = Tamoghna. Throughout his work at Quasistatics Inc, Tamoghna set deadlines for himself and sincerely met every deadline and thus completed the assigned targets for the projects on time. He worked with us on 2 MVPS for 7 months and looking at his dedication in IoT and Wearables, I'm sure about his bright future as an impactful Researcher in the community. I wish him all the best for his Doctoral studies at USC.


Dr. P.A Sridhar

Professor@SRM IST(EIE), RMIT(Australia)

Tamoghna was among the top 2 percent of his batch and completed his bachelors with the highest grade. I will remember his stubborn, obsessive nature to troubleshoot and take a deeper look into any problem. Guiding Tamoghna throughout the last 2 years, I am certain that he is ready to make an impact in the research community. A versatile individual with a plethora of application-based skills along with cutting-edge research. All the best! πŸ‘

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